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Owners Aaron and Alison Teboda are "Yankees" who moved down to Charleston thanks to a military station, fell in love, and never left. We're the worst, we know. We do our part not to add to the traffic though, we fly right over that mess, and you can too! (You're welcome.) 

Aaron Teboda

Aaron started flying when he was 16 and hasn't put his feet on the ground since. Aaron has a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Sciences, is a Certified Flight Instructor and is happiest when he's in the air sharing his love of aviation. When he's not in the air he can be found "flying" our son all around the house and playing his guitar.

Alison Teboda

Alison is the Marketing and Customer Service side of the operation. She enjoys cooking, graphic design, and helping others. When she's not working, she is likely playing with our son, drinking wine, or eating delicious foods - she's a foodie for sure! 

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